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Apple and Microsoft computers TechMac
Technology support for securing interactions and process’s over Internet and WIFI connections, updating systems for use of security patches and password protection. Administrating systems for use.

Administrating the basic system to complex hierarchy of business’s and homes.

Managing technology for business’s within the post and preproduction of advertisement and entertainment. Taken care of the highest expectant customers, who need support to create sustainability, within their business’s and homes. Being from top executives to high demand creatives, under extreme deadlines with excessive use of their systems; to meet the requirements to complete the job. Supporting creatives, being the driving force on the systems created by Apple. As Apple has dominated the environment of creatives with specialty software to design and create products for merchandising, marketing, and design. While specializing in the Microsoft Enterprise management; to support and administrate Microsoft driven accounting systems with newer design for marketing.

Coming from the Telecommunicating industry of the nineteen-nineties during the Telecom boom, had been prepared to manage networks for system security for the Microsoft platform.

This was the experience that has created workflows to help be precise in management of systems; that need help to run, and fix errors.

  • Apple Server, Desktop, Laptop, iPad, & iPhone; maintenance. backups, upgrading
  • Microsoft Server, Desktop, Laptop, & Tablet; maintenance, backups, upgrading
  • Wireless Routers Access Points security keys and extenders
  • Cox Frontier Spectrum Internet Modems replace and upgrade
  • Switches & Hubs wired networks
  • Network shared servers DAS, SAN, & NAS
  • Firewalls Security Tokens Passkey

Securing networks and management of equipment for business’s

TechMac supporting Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, D-Link, HP, Dell, IBM, ACER, Ubiquiti, Netgear, Linksys, HPE